Do Komodo Dragons Have Teeth?

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As a reptile enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered at some point if Komodo dragons have teeth? Believe it or not, these creatures actually have some of the most impressive dentures in the reptile kingdom!

The short answer is Yes komodo dragons do have teeth? In fact, they have 60 razer-sharp teeth that are used for both eating and defense.

However, many people ask if these reptiles have teeth, if so, how big are they, and what kind of damage can they do?

Well in this blog post will explore the dental anatomy of Komodo dragons and answer some common questions people have about their teeth.

What Kind of Teeth Do Komodo Dragons Have?

When it comes to Komodo dragons, many people are curious about their teeth. What kind of teeth do these lizards have exactly?

Komodo dragons have a very unique dentition compared to most other reptiles. They have 60 teeth in total and each tooth grows up to one inch (2.5 cm) long.

Their teeth are similar to the shark’s teeth. They are razor-sharp and have serrated edges. This allows them to easily rip through their food with no problem.

They will use their teeth to kill their prey that’s also combined with a powerful bite that can easily crush and dismember prey.

These dragons can also induce trauma to their prey, involving “bacterial sepsis” acquired from the lizard’s bite.

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Do Komodo Dragons Have Poisonous Teeth?

Now, it’s not necessarily their teeth that are poisonous but their saliva. The Komodo dragon’s mouth is packed full of multiple strains of bacteria.

Most of the time when the Komodo dragon bites and locks on to its prey it will most likely die from its powerful bite.

However, if it doesn’t kill its prey and it gets away it can still die from what is called “Septic Bacteria” that’s acquired from the dragon’s bite.

Although the aid in death from septic bacteria on the prey is not known there was a study to conclude that multiple lizards, 58 species of bacteria were found and identified from the saliva and oral cavities.

With that said, although these reptiles can easily kill their prey with their teeth they are more like scavengers and prefer looking for dead animals.

This is where the power of their smell comes into play. They can smell a dead animal up to a mile and once they find it they will rip it apart within minutes thanks to their sharp teeth.

Do Komodo Dragons Teeth Regrow?

Komodo Dragons are famous for their sharp teeth and powerful bites. But do Komodo Dragon teeth regrow if they lose them? Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating creature and find out.

Yes, the komodo dragon’s teeth do regrow. They have rows of teeth in waiting packed in their jaws and if they were to get damaged or they snapped off then their teeth will grow back.

The Komodo dragon’s teeth are constantly replaced as they wear down. In fact, they will go through four to five sets of teeth in their life.

So if one falls out or is damaged, a new tooth will start to grow in the gum line.

Do Komodo Dragons Retract Their Teeth?

Do Komodo dragons have retractable teeth? This is a question that often comes up when discussing these impressive creatures. The answer is no they do not have retractable teeth.

As before komodo dragons regrow their teeth so if one is lost or damaged, a new one will start to grow in the gum line.

A Komodo dragon’s bite is incredibly powerful and they can easily break a bone and pierce their outer skin with their razor-sharp teeth.

In fact, they often kill their prey by breaking their bones or causing major trauma with their bites so it makes no sense that they would retract their teeth.

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What Happens If A Komodo Dragon Bites You?

If you were to get bitten by a komodo dragon it would most likely be very painful. Their bites are extremely powerful and can do the following:

  • Break Bones
  • Puncture Skin
  • Cause Infection

The septic bacteria in their mouths, as mentioned earlier, could also lead to infection if the wound is bad enough. These reptiles can cause some serious damage with their sharp teeth, so it is best to stay away from them if possible.


So there you have it. now you know Komodo dragons do indeed have teeth. If you ever find yourself face-to-face with a komodo dragon, be sure to stay clear of those razor-sharp chompers!

If they feel threatened, or provoke the Komodo dragon may attack you which will end badly. Don’t forget to check out our other articles on this website for more information on Komodo dragons or any other reptiles for that matter.